Laura is regularly instructed in complex and serious criminal cases, including offences of murder, terrorism, firearms and explosives, serious violence, human trafficking, large scale drug conspiracies and fraud.

Laura has extensive trial advocacy experience in cases involving vulnerable and child witnesses, complex medical, ballistics, gun shot residue and financial expert evidence, intricate legal arguments and novel points of law.

Furthermore, Laura is regularly instructed to represent vulnerable defendants, and is proficient in  conducting complex legal argument during ground rules hearings and where appropriate, in relation to the imposition of hospital orders under Section 37, Section 37/41 and Section 45A of the Mental Health Act 1983.

Laura also receives instructions in relation to regulatory crime, having prosecuted and defended proceedings involving Housing Act, environmental, trading standards and food hygiene offences. She has extensive experience of confiscation proceedings and appeals.

Prior to being called to the Bar, Laura qualified as a solicitor advocate defending cases against the Crown Prosecution Service, National Crime Agency, HMRC, RSPCA and the Environment Agency.  

Laura is also a tenant at Libertas Chambers, London.

Terrorism & Explosives

Laura receives instructions in cases involving allegations of terrorist activity, including defending allegations of membership of proscribed organisations, possession of materials of use to terrorists and proceedings brought under the Explosives Act 1883, both as a led junior and junior alone.

Violent & Organised Crime

Laura is regularly instructed to prosecute and defend cases of serious violence and organised crime – including allegations of murder, serious violence, human trafficking, large scale drug conspiracies and offences under the Immigration Act.

Laura has a strong understanding of the law relating to the imposition of Serious Crime Prevention Orders, Criminal Behaviour Order, Gang Injunctions, confiscation proceedings and restraint.

Sexual Offences

Laura regularly defends allegations of sexual offending. She has substantial experience of Section 28 YJCEA 1999 and its practical application.

Laura also has experience of challenging the imposition of various associated court orders – such as sexual harm prevention orders and restraining orders.

Fraud & Proceeds of Crime

Laura has developed an in-depth knowledge of the law and procedure relating to fraud and money laundering offences, as well as confiscation proceedings, restraint and cash forfeiture.

She is an active member of the Proceeds of Crime Lawyers Association, the Female Fraud Forum and the Young Fraud Lawyers Association.


Laura has a broad experience of appellate work, including appeals against conviction and sentence and Judicial Review proceedings.

Laura has a special interest in Judicial Review of decisions not to prosecute, specifically in relation to allegations of stalking and hate crime and decisions to prosecute juveniles, vulnerable persons and victims of trafficking.


  • Crown Prosecution Service Advocates Panel – Grade 3
  • Accredited Duty Solicitor
  • Accredited Police Station Representative


  • Criminal Bar Association (CBA)
  • Constitutional and Administrative Law Association (ALBA)
  • Proceeds of Crime Lawyers Association (POCLA)
  • Female Fraud Forum (FFF)
  • Young Fraud Lawyers Association (YFLA)
  • Middle Temple Young Barristers Association (MTYBA)



  • Webinar 2021: Consent and the Impact of Intoxication in Sex Cases.
  • Seminar 2019: Mandatory Minimum Sentences and Knife Crime Prevention Orders
  • Seminar 2019: Police Powers: Stop and Search


  • Northumbria University – LPC – Distinction
  • Northumbria University – Law LLB Hons


Laura is authorised to accept cases on a direct access basis.

Laura is authorised to represent persons interviewed by the police under caution. She qualified as an accredited police station representative in 2010.

In 2013 Laura was admitted to the Roll of Solicitors as a Solicitor Advocate.

In her spare time Laura enjoys attending pop up theatre events and restaurants. 

Clerking team

Liam Gorman

Lead Criminal & Regulatory Clerk

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Clerk (Middlesbrough)

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Criminal & Regulatory Clerk

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Direct Access Clerk

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Criminal Clerking Assistant

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Lead Civil Clerk

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Lead Employment Clerk & Civil Clerk

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Civil Clerk

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  • "Laura is not only extremely hard working but has an in-depth knowledge of the law and a deep understanding of its application in jury trials."

    Queen's Counsel

  • "Laura has really sound judgement, both strategically with regard to the overview of the case and where we were trying to get to but also tactically on a witness by witness basis."

    Leading Counsel

  • "Laura is an extremely capable, hard working and dedicated advocate with a meticulous attention to detail. Her paperwork is of the very highest standard on each and every case and is always delivered promptly, demonstrating a firm grasp on the legal and factual matters at play."

    Instructing Solicitor

  • "Laura is fearless in the pursuit of justice for my clients and is prepared to “think outside the box” where problems are raised, and solutions need to be found."

    Instructing Solicitor

  • "Laura consistently demonstrates the ability to handle cases well beyond her year of call. She handles all aspects of representation in an exemplary manner."

    Instructing Solicitor

  • "Laura is a formidable defence advocate. She is on top of the facts and is well versed in the law. She is trusted by her lay and professional clients and respected by Judges and her opponents. You would want her in your corner, rather than against you."

    Leading Counsel

  • R v B (2021) Led junior for the defence in the prosecution of a co-founder of National Action for offences of being a member of a proscribed organisation and multiple allegations of possession of material of use to terrorists.
  • R v C (2021) Instructed to defend an allegation of Making Explosives with Improper Intent. The defendant was alleged to have made a large quantity of black powder (gun powder), with an intention to use the same to harm specific individuals. The matter involved complex and profound issues relating to the accused’s mental health.

  • R v G (2021) Instructed to prosecute an allegation of attempted murder of a male, stabbed five times to the chest and leg in an unprovoked attack outside of a nightclub.
  • R v H & Another (2020) Instructed to prosecute an allegation of conspiracy to rob involving the pre-planned, highly sophisticated and targeted robbery of a jewellers, during which over £50,000 worth of jewellery was taken in a violent robbery, involving the use of an axe.
  • R v K & Others (2018) Led junior for the defence in relation to an allegation of premediated murder of an 18-year-old male by a 14-year-old defendant.  
  • R v Q & Another (2018) Instructed to defend an allegation of Possession of a Firearm with Intent to Cause Fear and three offences of Attempted Section 18 assault. The Defendant was alleged to have fired a loaded shot gun at the windscreen of a motor vehicle containing three occupants, in a revenge attack following an incident of road rage. Acquitted following 3-week trial.  
  • R v Y & Others (2018) Led junior for the defence in relation to a conspiracy to import “assassins kits” containing multiple firearms, ammunition and silencers from Lithuania into the UK and arranging the sale of those said items. With over 25,000 served pages of evidence the Crown relied on a substantial amount of mobile telephone, cell site and ANPR data.
  • R v L (2018) Instructed to defend an allegation of Section 18 Wounding and Attempted Robbery. The defendant was alleged to have  stabbed his partner to the leg causing serious injury and thereafter preventing her from seeking medical attention, along with the subsequent attempted knife point robbery of his mother in a separate incident the following day. Acquitted following trial.
  • R v S (2018) Instructed to defend an allegation of robbery and possession of a bladed article, relating to the knife point robbery of a taxi driver. Acquitted following trial.

  • R v M & Others (2021) Led junior for the defence in a conspiracy to traffic a 13-year-old from Wales to London and to have performed a leading managerial role in a linked county lines drug conspiracy, involving the cuckooing of multiple vulnerable individuals. Over 150,000 served pages of evidence. Crown offered no evidence at trial due to inherent and insurmountable issues relating to disclosure.
  • R v W & Others (2019) Led junior for the defence in a conspiracy to traffic Romanian nationals into the UK with a view to them performing forced and compulsory labour and conspiracy to exploit those said Romanian nationals, along with a linked money laundering conspiracy. Over 30,000 served pages of evidence. Defendant acquitted 7-weeks into the trial following successful half time submission.
  • R v P & Others (2019) Led junior for the defence in a large-scale conspiracy to supply heroin and cocaine across county lines, involving three drug lines linked to a prominent London gang. Over 114,000 served pages of evidence, including a substantial amount of telephone and ANPR data, along with surveillance and CCTV evidence.
  • R v N & Others (2017)  Instructed to defend a multi-handed conspiracy to keep multiple brothels across the London area and being concerned in the supply of cocaine and cannabis to patrons of those brothels. Case involved over 30,000 served pages of evidence, including telephone data and surveillance footage.
  • R v E & Another (2016) Instructed to defend an 18-year-old defendant alleged to have conspired with others to import MDMA into the UK via the dark web and to have supplied MDMA to others over an extended period of time, when he was 16 years of age.
  • R v Z & Others (2016)  Instructed to defend allegations of possession with intent to supply heroin and crack cocaine. The defendant was the driver of a vehicle travelling from London to Brighton. When stopped the vehicle was found to contain a  significant amount of heroin and crack cocaine, along with associated paraphernalia. Acquitted following trial.
  • R v J (2015) Instructed to defend an allegation of possession with intent to supply cannabis. The defendant, a practicing Rastafarian, was found to have 1.4kilos of cannabis separately packaged at his home address. Whilst possession was accepted, he was acquitted of intending to supply the recovered cannabis to others.
  • R v M & Others (2015)  Led junior for the defence in a cross-county conspiracy to supply heroin and crack cocaine into the North East of England. Case involved over 10,000 served pages of evidence, including telephone data, cell site, ANPR and covert recording within motor vehicles.

  • R v A & Others (2021) Instructed to defend six allegations of conspiracy to commit fraud against various organisations. Total value over £20,000.
  • R v D & Others (2021) Led junior for the defence in relation to an allegation to conspiracy to steal motor vehicle on a commercial scale to be transported into Eastern Europe and an associated money laundering conspiracy. The case involved a sophistication system relay loop and extensive car ringing. The case involved over 100,000 pages of evidence, including cell site, ANPR, telephone data and surveillance evidence. Total value over £3,000,000.
  • R v F  (2019) Instructed to defend an allegation of money laundering in which it was alleged that the defendant was part of an OCG manipulating links to the Hawala Banking system. Total value over £120,000.
  • R v L & Others (2017) Led junior for the defence in a large-scale fraud by false representation, concerning an allegation that an employee of a car finance dealership had obtained finance for fleet customers following the provision of either false information or false documentation over a 3-year period. The case involved over 100,000 pages of served evidence.
  • R v O & Others (2017) – Instructed to defend an allegation of conspiracy to defraud. It was alleged that the defendant was part of a group operating sham companies targeting elderly residents under the premise of undertaking gardening work. Total value over £100,000.
  • R v H & Others (2017) Instructed to defend an allegation of conspiracy to defraud. Defendant alleged to have purchased card details via the dark web which were used to purchase items from John Lewis and Harrods. Case involved large amounts of surveillance, cell site and ANPR data along with telephone downloads. Total value £50,000.
  • R v G (2016) Instructed to defend an allegation of Fraud by False Representation. It was alleged that the defendant, a courier, had falsified documentation to give the perception that goods had been delivered to customers, whose accounts had been opened fraudulently, with the intention of retaining the goods for onward sale. The case involved extensive surveillance evidence along with technical evidence relating to the company IT and vehicle tracking software.

  • R v T (2021) Instructed to defend an allegation of sexual assault of a 10-year-old girl, made against her paternal grandfather.
  • R v U (2019) Instructed to defend a 31-year-old defendant accused of touching the naked genitals of his 5-year-old cousin when he was 16 years of age.
  • R v B (2018) Instructed to defend a 17-year-old defendant accused of sexual assault, committed whilst he was 15 years of age. Prosecution discontinued following representations relating to breaches of the PACE codes of practice and disclosure obligations under the CPIA.
  • R v X (2018) Instructed to defend an 18-year-old defendant accused of making indecent images of children by pressurising classmates into sending indecent images to him when he was 14 -15 years of age. No evidence offered following representations that the prosecution was not in the public interest and the delay in bringing the prosecution could amount to an abuse of process.
  • R v Z (2017) Instructed to defend a delivery driver accused of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl whilst delivering food to her home address.
  • R v V (2017) Instructed to defend a manager accused of sexually assaulting a teenage employee at work.
  • R v F (2017) Instructed to defend a 13-year-old defendant accused of the forcible digital penetration of his girlfriend.
  • R v U (2016) Instructed to defend a multi-count indictment concerning allegations of making of indecent images of children, some of which the accused was alleged to have taken himself during frequent trips to Columbia.

  • R v Ahmed (2019) EWCA Crim 1085 (reported on Westlaw) – Successful appeal against sentence in relation to a fifth conviction for robbery offences. (7 years 11 months’ imprisonment reduced to 6 years imprisonment). Guidance provided as to the meaning of serious physical harm as it pertains to Category 1 of the Sentencing Council: Definitive Guidelines: Street Robbery.
  • R v P (2019)  – Successful appeal against a Prosecution Costs Order out of time. (Costs order of £19,076.46 reduced to £5,325.70)
  • R v J (2019) – Successful appeal against sentence in relation to a second conviction for possession of class A substances with intent to supply.
  • M v CPS (2018) – Application for permission to Judicially Review a decision to withdraw a charge under s4 POA and replace it with a charge of affray, in order to provide a mechanism for a juvenile defendant to be sent for trial in the Crown Court. Permission refused; however, the Crown subsequently offered no evidence in the associated criminal proceedings.
  • R v T (2018) – Successful appeal against sentence – possession of a bladed article (20 months’ imprisonment reduced to 8 months imprisonment).
  • R v Fraser (2017) EWCA Crim 507 (reported on Westlaw) – Successful appeal against sentence – guidance provided in relation to the factors to take into consideration when determining the proportionality of immediate custodial terms in the case of sole carers of dependent children (teenagers).