• Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Serious Fraud
  • Sexual Offences
  • Serious Violence
  • Internet Crime
  • Firearms
  • Money Laundering
  • Proceeds of Crime

After working as a corporate planner for several years in industry Paul re-trained for the Bar. He has in recent years practised almost exclusively in crime. His experience in industry has given him a particular interest in and knowledge of fraud and computer crime. He regularly undertakes criminal cases at all levels including murder, robbery, rape, other serious sexual and violent offences, drugs and large scale dishonesty. He appears alone, as a junior and as a leading junior.


Grade 3 prosecutor


Criminal Bar Association


BA Sidney Sussex College Cambridge
Common Professional Exam


Clerking team

Liam Gorman

Lead Criminal & Regulatory Clerk

0191 245 9521

Clerk (Middlesbrough)

01642 247 569

Criminal & Regulatory Clerk

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Criminal Clerk

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  • "friendly and approachable having the ability to immediately put a client at ease and instil confidence"

    Instructing solicitor

  • "a very keen eye for detail"

    Instructing solicitor

  • "excellent at distilling voluminous case papers"

    Instructing solicitor

  • "able when required to carry out withering cross examinations of opposing witnesses"

    Instructing solicitor

R v Dady (2012) Alleged conspiracy to defraud the Football Premiership and BskyB. Prosecution claimed amount defrauded of about £2m. Case dismissed by trial judge and prosecution application for voluntary bill of indictment successfully opposed.

R v Drape (2011) Allegations of trade mark offences and money laundering. Full defence statement drafted resulting in case not proceeding.

R v Hanna (2011) Rape allegation overturned in the Court of Appeal. Conviction quashed.

R v Mooney (2012) “Cash for crash” fraud. Client said to be a major participant. Conviction overturned in Court of Appeal and retrial ordered.

R v Francis (2012) Client said to be a main participant in a Class A drug supply conspiracy. Case prosecuted by Queen’s Counsel and junior counsel. Defendant acquitted.

R v MacLean (2013) Large scale conspiracy to cheat the revenue. Client said to be main organiser.

R v Carr (2013) Large scale money laundering. Detailed defence statement resulted in prosecution not proceding.

R v Nurse (2015) Bogus investment fraud valued at about £400,000. Defendant had himself lost over £250,000. Acquitted.

R v Cina (2016) Defendant charged with murder having stabbed his wife 80 times. Appeared as sole junior. Resolved as manslaughter on basis of diminished responsibility.

R v Ineson (2016) Club steward charged with fraud over a considerable period of time. Detailed analysis of accounts required. Eventual guilty plea.

R v Staples (2016) Blackmail and witness intimidation.