Trinity Chambers offers equality of opportunity to all applicants for pupillage without distinction by reference to age, disability, sex, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, marital or family status, religion, or political persuasion.

Trinity Chambers generally offers several twelve month pupillages each year. Unless otherwise specified, pupillages are only offered where there is the potential for the pupil to be taken on as a tenant in Chambers at the conclusion of the pupillage (subject of course to the pupil’s performance during pupillage).

A 2:1 degree is generally required.

The pupillage is usually divided into distinct periods spent in different practice groups within Chambers. Pupils are given the opportunity of experiencing work with a range of practitioners of differing levels of experience. During the second six months of pupillage, pupils also undertake a wide range of work themselves. 

For successful pupils who go on to become tenants, Chambers operates a formal Junior Tenant Scheme (JTS) designed to provide additional support as needed to tenants under 5 years call. The JTS aims to smooth the transition from pupillage to a successful practice by utilising the experience of more senior practitioners and pupil supervisors over and above the support provided by the under 7 years’ call group.

Chambers offers a £12,500 award to each pupil during the first six months and guaranteed earnings of £25,000 during the second six. It is anticipated that billing should exceed £50,000 for the first full year of practice. Further details of the process and the selection criteria can be found here.

We are offering the following Pupillages to commence in October 2025:

  • 1 Criminal Pupillage
  • 1 Family Pupillage
  • 1 Civil/Commercial Pupillage
  • 1 Leeds Pupillage

Application details and timetable for the next 12-month pupillage, commencing in October 2025, are as follows:

  • Wednesday 3rd January 2024 @ 10:00am – Applications open.
  • Wednesday 7th February 2024 @ 10:00am – Applications close. Any applications received after this time will not be considered.
  • Thursday 8th February 2024 – Thursday 2nd May 2024 – Shortlisting and interview period.
  • Friday 3rd May 2024 @ 10:00am – Offers made.
  • Friday 10th May 2024 @ 10:00am – Deadline for acceptance. In line with BSB guidance, candidates have up to 7 days to communicate acceptance of offers. If no response is received from a candidate within that period we are entitled to make secondary offers within a reasonable period (if appropriate).

Chambers is a non-Gateway set. Our pupillage vacancies are however all advertised on the Pupillage Gateway.

All applications for pupillage must be made through our online application form submitted by email, we will not consider any applications submitted before 10am on 3rd January 2024 in accordance with the above timetable. All applicants must email an Equality and Diversity questionnaire before emailing the application form.

Trinity Chambers' downloadable pupillage application form can be found here and Chambers' Equality and Diversity questionnaire can be found here.

The completed pupillage application form should be emailed to pupillageapplications@trinitychambers.co.uk and the completed Equality and Diversity questionnaire should be emailed to pupillagedata@trinitychambers.co.uk .

Director of Pupil Training is Fiona Walker. The Deputy Director is James McHugh to whom all enquiries should be addressed in the first instance: J.McHugh@trinitychambers.co.uk.

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