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The barristers at Trinity regularly deliver live and on demand webinars and live stream events. If you have not been able to attend these, please see our library below of recorded events.

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Employment Law - The Childcare Disparity in Indirect Sex Discrimination Claims

Business & Property - 1975 Inheritance Act Claims by Adult Children

Interview with The Rt Hon. the Baroness Hale of Richmond DBE

Business & Property - Force Majeure Update

Business & Property - Employee Restrictive Covenants

Business & Property - The Limits of Judicial Power

Business & Property - Rescission at Common Law & in Equity

Business & Property - Current Issues in Arbitration

Business & Property - Commercial High Street Planning Challenges & Opportunities

Business & Property - A Review of the Tort of Passing Off

Housing Law - Section 204 Housing Act 1996 Appeals

Business & Property - Update on Part 36 Offers

Business & Property - Insurance Act 2015 - Avoiding a Breach of Duty of Fair Representation

Housing Law - The Court of Protection’s Role in Housing Law Cases

Housing Law - Dealing with Prosecutions under the Environmental Protection Act 1990

Employment Law - Philosophical Beliefs as a Protected Characteristic

Regulatory - Health & Safety Case Law Update

Regulatory - Presenting Financial Information when Sentencing in Health & Safety Cases

Employment Law - A Practical Guide to Interim Relief

Employment Law - Post Termination Restrictions – Practical Hints & Tips

Employment Law - Open Justice, National Security & Rule 94 Applications

Employment Law - Identifying Valid & Appropriate Provision, Criterion or Practice in Discrimination Cases

Employment Law - Unlawful Discrimination - Some Practical Issues

Business & Property - Unfair Prejudice Claims

Business & Property - Switching Experts in Commercial Litigation

Business & Property - Avoiding Common Pitfalls When Issuing a Statutory Demand

Business & Property - A Guide to the Quincecare Duty

Business & Property - Redacting Key Trial Documents in Commercial Litigation

Business & Property - Review of Fiduciary Duties

Business & Property - Real Property Law Update

Business & Property - Secret Commissions in the Energy Industry

Business & Property - Evidence, Recollections & Commercial Litigation

Business & Property - Relief From Sanctions Applications Update

Business & Property - Civil Fraud in Commercial Litigation

Business & Property - Proportionality in Commercial Litigation

Business & Property - Practical Tips for Interim Injunction Applications

Trinity Business & Property Webinar - Limitation, Commercial Rent Recovery & Amending Statements of Case

Trinity Civil Liberties & Human Rights Webinar - Inquests

Employment Webinar - Holiday Pay & Interim Relief

Civil Liberties & Human Rights Webinar

Trinity Civil Liberties & Human Rights Webinar

Trinity Chambers Business & Property Webinar - Property Update

Trinity Chambers Webinar - Junior Litigators Toolkit

Trinity Contentious Probate Webinar - Proprietary Estoppel in Contested Wills

Trinity Contentious Probate Webinar - Executors, and Their Removal

Trinity Chambers Criminal Law Webinar - Youth Court : Practicalities and Opportunities

Trinity Chambers Property Webinar - "Whither the High Street?"

Landlord & Tenant Webinar - Forfeiture & Rights of Entry

Landlord & Tenant Webinar - Break Clauses In Leases

Landlord & Tenant Webinar - Possession Proceedings

Webinar - Coronavirus: Regulation of Business - The National Three Tier System