• Tuesday, May 14, 2024
1975 Inheritance Act Claims by Adult Children - Henry Stevens

In this recorded talk, entitled “Accidents Will Occur in the Best-Regulated Families” - 1975 Inheritance Act Claims by Adult Children, Trinity specialist Contentious Probate barrister Henry Stevens explores the particular challenges of testamentary claims by adult children.

As well as being a useful refresher for contentious probate lawyers of the provisions of the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 and the principles provided by Illot v The Blue Cross [2017] UKSC 17, Henry’s practical session focuses on three very recent cases relating to probate claims by adult children under the Act, as follows:

- Fennessy v Turner & Anor [2022] WTLR 1295
- Dignam-Thomas v McCourt [2023] EWHC 546 (Fam)
- Sim v Pimlott [2023] EWHC 2296 (Ch) & Sim v Pimlott [2023] EWHC 2298 (Ch)

There is a handout that accompanies the session. If you do not have a copy and would like one, please email Trinity Chambers’ Business & Property team clerk, stevew@trinitychambers.co.uk.

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