• Thursday, June 13, 2024
Acquittal for Trinity Criminal Barrister in Cocaine Supply Case Involving EncroChat

Trinity Criminal and Regulatory barrister, Josh Normanton represented a defendant accused of involvement in cocaine supply involving the use of EncroChat encrypted phones and the frequent transfer of multiple kilograms of cocaine. 

In a large scale police operation named 'Operation Venetic', police obtained access to certain communications from phones on the EncroChat network. This revealed large scale criminality usually by serious organised crime gangs. 

Josh's client was alleged to have been involved with others in drug trafficking. Other participants in the alleged drugs enterprise had been convicted and received very lengthy sentences. 

At the trial held at Newcastle Crown Court, Josh's client was found not guilty, the jury returning their verdict within 26 minutes. 

Josh was instructed by DJMS Solicitors.