• Tuesday, January 30, 2024
Trinity Barrister Visits Hadrian Park School for Careers Week

Trinity barrister, Patience Abladey, recently visited the Hadrian Park School Reception class in Wallsend, Newcastle as part of their careers week.

The 4- and 5-year-old students spent the week finding out about a range of different jobs and careers. Patience joined the class to give a talk on what the law is, what a barrister does, how they help people and what happens in a courtroom.

The talk included an exercise called ‘what’s in my bag’, where the children were invited to guess what Patience typically takes with her in her barrister’s bag, also known as a ‘brief bag’ or ‘blue bag’. She also explained why barristers wear a wig and gown, giving the children a demonstration.

When answering the children’s questions about her job, they were particularly interested in finding out how Patience travels to work and what she and her barrister colleagues eat for lunch!

Following Patience’s visit, the school commented:
“We absolutely loved learning about the role of a barrister and finding out what really happens in a courtroom. We’re feeling inspired!

Reflecting on the school visit, Patience said:
“It was a pleasure to visit the school and tell the reception class all about what I do, who I help, and what it means to be a barrister. It was really enjoyable and refreshing and, given their age, they had some good questions and were really engaged! Thank you to Miss Hamill and the Hadrian Park School reception class for inviting me.”