• Monday, June 6, 2022
Trinity Insurance Barrister's Book Publication

Specialist Insurance barrister Graham Bartlett is the co-author of 'Property Insurance Claims - Law and Practice' recently published by Witherbys.

The book provides comprehensive information on property insurance claims and how best to apply the principles of insurance. It considers the fundamental elements of the law and practice of loss adjusting.

Aimed at students, insurance professionals and lawyers, the book will support members of the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters (CILA) in passing the Institute exams in the pathway to becoming a Chartered or Certified Loss Adjuster.

The book sets out the principles of property insurance law, the parties involved in insurance policies/claims and important policy considerations, including insurable interest, perils, disclosure, warranties and conditions.

Matters following a loss are also covered, such as causation, underinsurance, contribution, measurement of loss, subrogation and fraud. The text includes sample calculations as well as relevant case law and statutes.

The book includes an introduction by co-author, Malcolm Hyde, Executive Director of CILA, who wrote the chapters on the practical aspects of loss adjusting with Graham covering the law. The Foreword is by Specialist Business & Property Court Circuit Judge, His Honour Judge Kramer, and the book includes acknowledgments for Trinity members Simon Goldberg Q.C., Jonathan Rodger and Alice Richardson

CILA will be holding a parliamentary reception at the House of Commons on Friday 26 June 2022 where the book's launch will be celebrated.

Graham, a former practising Chartered Loss Adjuster, advises policyholders, brokers and insurers on disputed claims and all aspects relating to the interpretation and application of insurance contracts. Graham has an insurance blog and regularly writes articles in The Journal, the official magazine of the Chartered Insurance Institute. He has given educational webinars for student members of the CILA and is a member of the British Insurance Lawyers Association.

Further details about the book and how to purchase it can be found here.