Child Care Barrister Article in Family Law

Trinity child care and matrimonial finance barrister, Alan Inglis, has had an article published in the October 2014 edition of Family Law.

The article entitled “Dear Judge: children’s wishes and feelings in Court applications” looks at Section 1(3)(a) of The Children Act 1989 as well as Human Rights issues. The article examines the cases of Re D (Abduction:Rights of Custody) and Re S (Contact Act:Intractable Dispute).

Alan Inglis is a member of Trinity Chambers’ Family and Matrimonial Finance group. Alan formerly worked as a social worker and is dual qualified enabling him to practice on both sides of the England/Scotland Border. He has practised in England since 1989 and in Scotland since 2009. Alan is uniquely placed to advise and represent on conflict of jurisdiction within Great Britain relating to children and/or matrimonial finance.

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