Family Law Barrister's Webinar on Private Law Fact Finding Hearings & Schedules

This concise webinar, link below, delivered by Trinity Family Law Barrister Claire Brissenden and Pupil, Jack Cottrell explores private law fact finding hearings.

As well as providing practical tips for statements and schedules, the session covers:

  • What is a Fact Finding hearing?
  • Why do we have Fact Finding hearings?
  • Why do we need a Scott Schedule and what is it?
  • Choosing allegations 

Please note that the content of the webinar is for information only and based on the circumstances at the time of delivery, rather than formal legal advice. Contact Trinity Chambers if you have a specific legal query.

Trinity's Family and Matrimonial Finance barristers and clerking team are able to offer a wide range of remote alternative dispute resolution options. Please click here to download full details. Some of these solutions may be new to many of our clients and as such we would be more than happy to spend some time discussing the various options available, the process, technical/IT requirements and likely fees.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with the Family clerking team, who are operating a full service, by email: or phone: 0191 232 1927.

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