Trinity Barrister's Coronavirus Law Resources

In response to the constantly evolving regulatory framework, Head of Trinity Chambers' Licensing team and Regulatory barrister, Charles Holland has collated the relevant COVID-19 regulations as an easy to use and up to date resource finder. 

The resource, that can be found here, covers current key regulations applying in England, including:

  • The Three Tier Regulations (as amended): Medium, High, Very High which now contain the "Rule of 6", "Rule of 2" and the business closure provisions.
  • The Obligations of Undertakings Regulations (as amended).
  • The Contact Details Regulations (as amended).
  • The Face Coverings Regulations (as amended).
  • The No. 3 Regulations (as amended) - these include the important provisions about individual premises directions which can be made by local authorities.
  • The No. 2 Regulations: predecessor to the Three Tier Regulations.

Charles has also highlighted the current Government Guidance, a timeline of regulations from a licensed premises perspective, as well as access to legacy Coronavirus regulations and resources.

In response to the impact of the Coronavirus crisis, Chambers' Licensing barristers and staff are committed to providing as much assistance as possible, including urgent advice, resources and support in dealing with remote, in person and hybrid hearings. Members of the team can assist in all aspects of Licensing and Regulatory issues arising from the pandemic and its impact on Local Authorities, Police Authorities, Businesses and individuals. For further details, please contact the clerking team on 0191 232 1927 or by email

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