Trinity Employment Law Webinar - Wednesday 22 April 2020

On Wednesday 22nd April 2020 at 3.00pm, several barristers from Trinity's Employment Law Team will be delivering a webinar through Zoom video conferencing.

As well as discussing the latest implications of the Coronavirus pandemic, the webinar will also include a review of relevant case decisions as well as tips on dealing with remote hearings in employment cases. The presentations and speakers are as follows:

James McHugh - Furlough: Explaining the difficult bits

Andrew Crammond - Vicarious Liability: An update on recent Supreme Court decisions

Jane Callan - Remote Workers: How far does an employer’s duty of care extend

Richard Stubbs - Remote Hearings: A guide to doing more than just surviving them

The event will conclude with a Questions and Answers at 4pm.

Spaces for this webinar are limited. To book a place and for further joining details, please e-mail Lead Civil Clerk, Steve Walker: . 

The handout for the session can be downloaded here.

In response to the implications of the Coronavirus pandemic, Trinity's Employment team can provide a comprehensive range of pragmatic and cost effective services for the benefit of clients, including remote working, as follows:

  • (Early) Neutral Evaluation (ENE/NE)
    Trinity offers a quick, cost effective and easy to use online dispute resolution service. Trinity Chambers can undertake either NE/ENE depending on the stage the case has reached. Trinity Chambers boasts a range of experienced practitioners, including part-time judges and a well-regarded former employment judge, who can provide clear (non-binding) guidance on case outcomes enabling parties to attempt to settle cases which will otherwise take a considerable time to reach a hearing.
  • Mediation
    An established form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), Trinity Chambers’ team of former and part time judges and qualified mediators are happy to provide this cost effective and swift mechanism for resolving employment disputes at any stage.
  • Preliminary Hearings – case management, substantive and costs hearings
    All of Trinity Chamber’s Employment Team members are available for all remote preliminary hearings in the Tribunal, by telephone or video link. Trinity is happy to assist Solicitors and Tribunals in ensuring video hearings run smoothly and effectively, both locally and nationally.
  • Employment Final Hearings (liability and remedy)
    Trinity's barristers have been involved in piloting and delivering mock video trials and are comfortable and proficient in conducting trials remotely.
  • Barristers Surgeries/Advisory Work
    In these times of remote working fee earners and team members may need additional support and assistance as they are inevitably more isolated from libraries, colleagues and other legal resources. Trinity is happy to offer a surgery service where your teams or team members can make an appointment to “pick the brains” of Counsel. 

Trinity Chambers’ Employment and Clerking team are more than happy to spend some time discussing the various options available, the process, technical requirements and likely fees. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the clerking team who are operating a full service. The clerks can be contacted at or by telephone on 0191 232 1927. 

In view of the rapidly evolving situation, please note that the content of this webinar is for information only and based on the circumstances at the time of delivery, rather than formal legal advice. Please get in touch if you have a specific legal query.

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