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Glenn Gatland
Call 1972
Specialisms: Crime, Regulatory
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Glenn Gatland



He has prosecuted in the most serious crime including Capital murder but specialises in defending all aspects of criminal work including Courts Martial. He is regularly instructed in the most high- profile criminal cases in the North East and is described as one of the leading Counsel on the North Eastern Circuit.


He is a highly qualified pilot who takes an interest in Defending pilots and flying instructors in Civil Aviation Authority prosecutions.
Glenn was called to the Bar in 1972 and has remained in practise in the North East Circuit throughout his career save for two years on secondment to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as an Attorney General.

Glenn is recognised for his excellence in oral advocacy and as a skilful and very articulate advocate who impresses Judges and Juries in some of the heaviest criminal cases. He is a formidable opponent and a first class trial advocate with great presence in court but is described as being adept at putting clients at ease. His incisive cross-examination is second to none and his ability to engage a jury with his outstanding closing speeches makes him first choice Counsel for any trial. He fights every case with passion and determination and is always committed to achieving the best result.

He is regularly instructed as a Leader in serious criminal cases including Murder, Rape, Supply of Class A drugs and fraud. He has presented landmark cases in the House of Lords ( R v Crossman ) and the Court of Appeal ( R v Eastlake). He has successfully defended in Courts Martial in England and abroad.

Glenn has extensive experience defending serious motoring offences including causing death by dangerous or careless driving. He appeared in the House of Lords (now the Supreme Court) in the landmark case of R v. Grossman which involved the question of whether a lorry driver who had an insecure load was guilty of dangerous driving. Glenn has defended high profile public figures and personalities.

Glenn was instructed as Leader in Operation Sanctuary in Newcastle, the first large scale “grooming” case where his client was acquitted of sexual offences, including rape. Glenn has recently successfully defended a 7 week trial of “Optic 1” which was a case involving allegations of sexual grooming and rape of girls under the age of 13. There were significant failings of disclosure because police officers had failed to record unused material accurately and to store it. Glenn was also Leading in “Optic 2” which involved sexual offences including rape. A Not Guilty verdict was entered.


  • R v S Leading the successful defence in the Quilted Camel murder.
  • R v B Leading the successful prosecution for Conspiracy to Murder using a firearm
  • R v M Successfully defending an undercover British agent who was given a new identity by security services and was then tried for perverting the course of justice.
  • R v C Leading the successful defence in Very High Costs case involving drug supply.
  • R v F Leading the successful defence in a High Profile case involving supply of cocaine and cannabis where the defendant was alleged to be the ringleader.
  • R v G Successful defence of a Company Director of a mortgage advising company alleged to be involved in mortgage fraud.
  • R v C Leading the successful defence in an alleged conspiracy to Murder involving use of firearms.
  • R v W Successful defence of a special forces soldier charged at Court Martial in Germany with assault on “Abu Grade” prison photographer.
  • R v K Successful defence of a soldier charged at Court Martial in Germany with racially aggravated assault of a taxi driver.
  • R v R (2014) Leading the successful defence of brothers involved in an alleged “ sex ring”
  • R v C (2014) Successfully defending in a seven week multi million pound waste disposal fraud prosecuted by the Environment Agency.
  • R v D (2014) Successfully defending in a four week trial for Supply of Cocaine and perverting the course of justice.
  • R v R (2014) Successfully defending a jeweller in a three week trial of Conspiracy to burgle dwelling houses.
  • R v T (2015) Leading the successful defence in a six week Murder trial which involved a “ missing body “ case. This defendant was the co-accused charged with fraud ,forgery, and perverting the course of justice and the jury did not convict
  • R v K (2015) Leading the successful defence in a seven week trial for Rape, drug supply, administering a noxious substance and Conspiracy to incite prostitution.
  • R v D (2015) Successfully defending a S.18 wounding using a machete to try and cut the arm off.
  • R v M (2016) Leading the successful defence of the alleged ringleader in a high profile trial involving allegations of two separate conspiracies to supply high value cocaine in a six week trial.
  • R v M ( 2016 ) Successful defence at trial in an allegation of historic Rape.
  • R v F ( 2017) Successful defence at trial in an alleged “ gangland” Arson with intent to endanger life.
  • R v S ( 2017) Successful defence at trial in an alleged attempted wounding of three prison officers by a serving prisoner.
  • R v D (2017) Successful defence at trial in an alleged large scale fraud involving a garage owner allegedly obtaining credit by fraud on many high value motor vehicles.
  • R v W (2017) Successful defence at trial in an allegation of inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent by blinding an elderly woman in one eye.
  • R v M ( 2017) Successful defence at trial of  a restaurateur charged with a serious sexual offence.
  • R v S (2017) Successful defence at trial of a partially sighted, deaf defendant charged with wounding with intent using a knife to stab.
  • R v F (2017) Successful defence at trial where defendant charged with wounding with intent alleged to have used a Stanley knife to slash the face needing 110 stitches.
  • R v A (2018) Successful defence in 4 week trial where defendant charged with attempted murder and possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life where a shotgun was discharged, involved complex disclosure issues.
  • R v K (2018) Leading Junior instructed in £8.5 million fraud/money laundering trial. Substantial issues involving forensic accountant. Vulnerable defendant suffering complex medical issues. Not guilty verdict entered.
  • R v M (2018) Successful defence at trial where defendant charged with "perverting the course of justice" by producing a false holiday booking form whilst on trial for conspiracy to supply Class A drugs (a charge he was acquitted of).
  • R v N (2018) Successful defence of a company accountant charged with a £4,800,000 HMRC income tax and national insurance fraud together with three separate VAT frauds valued at £1,055,000 involving three separate companies. This was a long standing fraud and the trial took four weeks. The case involved voluminous paperwork (over 15,000 pages of documents).
  • R v B (2018) Successful defence where defendant charged with kidnap and assault. Not Guilty verdict entered.
  • R v A (2019) Leading the successful defence in a 7 week trial, Optic 1 where the Defendant was alleged to be part of a gang who groomed and raped under age girls.
  • R v S (2019) Leading the successful defence in a trial Optic 2, which involved allegations of grooming and rape. Because of the serious disclosure failings, the Crown offered no evidence and a Not Guilty verdict was entered.
  • R v K (2019) Successful defence at Bradford Crown Court of the son of a prominent local businessman charged with S18 wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm using weapons. Issues at trial involving admissibility of hearsay telephone recordings.
  • R v R (2019) Successful defence of female primary school teacher charged with assault.
  • R v W (2019) Successful defence of Defendant charged with three others with affray and possession of offensive weapons including knives and baseball bats. The three other Defendants pleaded guilty. There was legal argument that where the Defendant was standing was not a "public place". The Judge agreed and directed the jury to acquit of possessing the weapon. The jury acquitted the Defendant of affray.
  • R v B (2019) Following four day trial successful defence of Defendant charged with threat to kill, possession of a knife and affray. Defendant alleged to have forced his way into former partner's home, held a flick knife to her throat and said he would stab her. Defence was that the Defendant himself was subject to manipulative domestic abuse by his former girlfriend and she threatened him with a knife.


"His calm, understated cross-examination can be devastatingly effective." Legal 500 2020

"A talented barrister with a calm cross-examination technique" Legal 500 2019

"An incisive cross-examiner, who is more than capable of holding his own against silks" Legal 500 2017


  • Former Attorney General and Member of Legislative Assembly
  • Deputy Governor of a British Dependant Territory
  • Commonwealth Parliamentarian
  • Grade 4 Crown Prosecution Prosecutor (Highest Grade)
  • Former RAF (Reserve) Officer


  • Criminal Bar Association
  • Association Military court Advocates
  • Caribbean Law Association


LLB (Hons) Liverpool University


  • Former Member of Oxford University panel on White Collar Crime
  • Former Advisor to United States Drug Enforcement Agency , FBI and US Department of Justice on Extradition. On the 28 November 1991 complimented in the House of Commons by the Secretary of State for his involvement in the Anti-Narcotics Campaign in the Caribbean.
  • Qualified RAF Firearms Instructor with an extensive knowledge of many types of firearms, firearm trajectory and firearms residue.
  • Qualified Multi Engined Instrument rated Pilot and Flying Instructor.