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Muneeb Akram - Third Six Pupil
Call 2016
Specialisms: Crime, Immigration, Regulatory, Personal Injury
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Muneeb Akram - Third Six Pupil

Muneeb Akram practised as a Barrister for two years prior to joining Trinity Chambers as a Third Six Pupil. He took the cross-qualification route to becoming a Barrister, having previously practised as a Solicitor-Advocate. Muneeb practised as a Solicitor from 2011 to 2017, having undertaken a traditional solicitors’ training contract. Prior to his training contract, he worked as a Paralegal. He worked in the legal field for almost 10 years, prior to his transfer to the Bar.



In 2018, Muneeb completed an LLM Masters Degree in International Criminal Law at University College London. He authored a Dissertation, critically evaluating the juxtaposing crimes of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity and whether alignment of those crimes was desirable and necessary.

He conducts both criminal prosecution and criminal defence work in equal measure, before the Magistrates Court and Crown Court. He has a particular appetite for and attention to detail towards, criminal trial advocacy. He is currently a Grade 1 Advocate on the CPS Advocate Panel List. As a former Solicitor-Advocate in Criminal Advocacy, Muneeb has a particular expertise in criminal prosecution work. He previously worked for the Crown Prosecution Service as a Senior Crown Prosecutor. He undertook trials in the Magistrates’ Court and Youth Court, covering a wide range of criminal offences. He undertook advocacy in remand courts, dealing with bail applications, sending provisions in either way cases and sentencing. He also assisted the Crown Court Unit Trial Preparation Team. He would conduct Crown Court cases and provide charging advice to the Police.

Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence

Muneeb is regularly instructed in Small Claims and Fast Track trials, Stage 3 Hearings and Infant Approval Hearings. He has a particular aptitude for advancing and defending arguments of fundamental dishonesty, as well as dealing with technical, credit hire points.

Having previously conducted both claimant and defendant personal injury work, he has experience of drafting particulars of claim, defences and schedules of loss in litigated cases.

As a Solicitor, he worked for several national law firms, conducting counter-fraud defendant work, low velocity impact cases and credit hire arguments. He also handled personal injury matters on behalf of HM Prison Service, including liability for assaults and injuries to prisoners.

Having trained as a Solicitor with a national firm, Muneeb conducted work for the NHS Litigation Authority, in the defence of clinical negligence claims. He also defended claims on behalf of the Medical Protection Society. He is able to draft statements of case and schedules of loss, chair conferences, attend negotiations and advise on liability, quantum, and expert evidence in clinical negligence claims.


Muneeb regularly appears before the First-Tier Immigration Tribunal on behalf of Appellants, conducting Immigration Appeals against Home Office decisions. He is instructed on a variety of cases, including claims for asylum, human rights claims, and visa applications. He has gained a greater understanding of the legal framework for such cases from his study of the European and International Human Rights Law modules, on the LLM Masters Degree.

Muneeb is able to converse with clients in Urdu to a fluent level and he also speaks Punjabi to a conversational level. He previously worked as a Central Government Litigation Solicitor, defending Home Office decisions, primarily arising out of judicial review, immigration litigation. He has experience of drafting summary grounds of defence and defences. In such cases, his advice is based on legal principles of judicial review and whether the decision involves illegality, irrationality or procedural impropriety. He is able to represent clients at oral permission hearings and substantive hearings.

Coroners Inquests & Regulatory

Having previously worked as an Inhouse Solicitor for two NHS Foundation Trusts, Muneeb has experience of conducting Inquests before the Coroner’s Court. He has subsequently been instructed as Counsel, to represent interested persons in Inquest proceedings. He is able to draft written, legal submissions in preparation for Inquests. He is also able to conduct advocacy before the Coroners’ Court, carry out witness handling duties and make oral legal submissions.

Muneeb has experience of conducting Healthcare Regulatory matters and has carried out work for the Nursing and Midwifery Council, the General Dental Council and the General Medical Council. He is able to advise on and construct cases at the investigation stage of the process, involving registrants’ fitness to practise. He is also able to appear before the respective tribunal and conduct advocacy either for the regulatory body or for the registrant, at both final hearings and interim orders hearings.