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Rachel Hedworth
Call 1999
Specialisms: Regulatory, Family, Crime
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Rachel Hedworth



Rachel is a criminal law specialist. She has established a very busy and varied Crown Court practice through her reputation for ‘going the extra mile’ in both her preparation and presentation of cases. Solicitors remark at her ability to empathise with clients and maintain a firm focus on seeking to achieve best outcomes. On a daily basis she deals with challenging, difficult and heavyweight cases.

Representative examples of cases:-

Revenue Fraud

R v M – Multi handed conspiracy to commit large firm fraud of the M – 10 year evasion of VAT amounting to in excess of £210,000.
R v M – large scale cigarette smuggling operation involving duty evaded of £1.8m.

Benefit Fraud

R v N – Dishonest sickness benefit claim exceeding £60,000 by football referee who was shown on national television news sprinting up and down the pitch.
R v A – a local businessman and property owner charged with fraud offences arising out of false declarations made to the Local Council.

Insurance/Mortgage Fraud

R v B – “Cash for Crash” Wide-scale insurance fraud involving fake accident claims to insurers in respect of financial loss and personal injury.
R v B – Represented Defendant jointly charged with former partner and others in respect of mortgage fraud linked to “the North East Property Buyers” conspiracy which involved more than 20000 mortgage advances between 2004 and 2008. Indictment stayed following legal argument.

Charity Fraud

R v G – Conspiracy involving dishonest representations to members of the public that those involved were collecting money on behalf of “Help for Heroes”.

Cyber Crime

R v G - Represented Defendant, a serving soldier, in respect of alleged involvement in sales of military property on E-bay. The case attracted intense local media attention. Trial involved presentation and challenge of complex expert evidence. Defendant, who had been suspended, was acquitted and, immediately thereafter, promoted.

Sexual Offences

R v O – Defended juvenile facing multi handed rape allegation. Lengthy disclosure hearings led to Crown offering no evidence.
R v G – Represented Defendant charged with sexually assaulting elderly occupants during the course of dwelling house burglaries.
R v H – Knife point sexual assault on a juvenile by a female juvenile Defendant.


R v O – Wide ranging conspiracy to commit armed robberies of commercial premises during the course of which off duty police officers car hijacked and driven off with baby present.
R v G – Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Defendant assisted in the conveyance of a murder victim after attack and before death.
R v C – Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Defendant assisted in conveyance from home to Nature Reserve of person who had fatally overdosed on illegal drugs.
R v M – Represented female Defendant in a multi handed conspiracy to supply Class A drugs with a value of 100’s of thousands of pounds. Crown represented by Leading and Junior Counsel.


R v F – Represented Defendant responsible with others for firebombing the home of a victim who she believed had sexually assaulted her child.

Proceeds of Crime

R v R – Represented property developer/cannabis farmer. In excess of £1m following instruction of forensic accountant realisable asset figure limited to £1,300.
R v F – Represented Defendant convicted in respect of serious drug offences. Crown sought to recover £750,000, forensic accountant instructed, after lengthy debate Crown abandoned its claim.

Road Traffic Offences

Rachel has enjoyed considerable success across the full spectrum of Road Traffic cases from death by dangerous driving to speeding. She has developed a particular expertise in challenging the loss of driving and taxi licences.


Rachel has experience of prosecuting and defending in relation to trading standards matters and benefit fraud prosecutions. She is also interested in agricultural related regulatory matters. Rachel has provided training lectures to Local Authority Regulatory Departments. In regulatory prosecutions, she is briefed by Defendants, Local Authorities and the Royal Mail.

Representative examples of cases:-

Northumberland CC v VL – Involved in a Trading Standards prosecution concerning the large scale sale on Ebay of counterfeit golfing equipment.
Royal Mail v N – Prosecuted on behalf of Royal Mail an employee charged with offences of dishonesty and arson – estimated theft of approximately 50,000 postal packets.

Matrimonial Finance & Divorce

Rachel is experienced in dealing with matrimonial finance/ancillary relief disputes including applications relating to maintenance, child support and property.


  • Grade 3 Prosecutor CPS


  • North Eastern Circuit
  • Criminal Bar Association


Rachel has delivered seminars to clients including Local Authorities on benefits prosecutions, hearsay, bad character and proceeds of crime.


LLB (Hons) Northumbria University


Rachel is qualified to receive instructions direct from businesses, professionals and members of the public. Any such requests should be directed to her clerks in the first instance.