At Trinity Chambers we recognise that the best way of finding out about how a barristers’ chambers works and whether being a barrister is for you is by offering mini pupillages. This is basically an opportunity for those considering a career at the Bar to meet some of the barristers at Trinity and see some of the work that they do.

Trinity Chambers offers mini pupillages throughout the year. These are predominately aimed at university students of a University-based course in a legal discipline, although other applications will be considered. Mini-pupillages will usually only be offered to applicants demonstrating the highest standards of academic and extra-curricular achievements.

What can be expected from a mini pupillage at Trinity Chambers?

  • A two day mini-pupillage designed to give students a taste of life at the Bar. This may involve travelling to court with barristers, observing hearings, sitting in on conferences, listening to negotiations, and reading case papers.
  • Mini-pupils may be asked to assist the barristers by taking notes or undertaking research and they will have the opportunity to have more general discussions with counsel.
  • It may be that a mini-pupil follows a variety of different barristers over the two days.
  • Trinity Chambers abides by its equality and diversity policies and this applies equally to mini pupillage applications.

What is expected from mini pupils during their mini pupillage at Trinity Chambers?

There is no necessary preparation required prior to undertaking a mini pupillage at Trinity Chambers however, mini pupils will be expected:

  • to arrive promptly at our Newcastle based Chambers at 9:30am on each day of their mini pupillage and report to reception. The finish time of each mini pupillage varies widely.
  • to be appropriately dressed: dark suits (with ties for men) and dark shoes.

It is a condition of undertaking a mini pupillage at Trinity Chambers that:

  • All mini pupils will be required to sign a confidentiality form prior undertaking their mini pupillage
  • Mini-pupils must not, under any circumstances, offer any advice to any person and must not express any opinion either in court, during conferences, or during negotiations, unless asked by counsel.

How to apply for mini pupillage at Trinity Chambers?

If you wish to apply for a mini pupillage please send to  your CV and a covering letter explaining which practice areas you are most interested in together with no more than two paragraphs detailing why you wish to undertake a mini-pupillage at Trinity Chambers and are best suited for the opportunity.

Unfortunately, owing to demand we cannot guarantee a mini pupillage to all those who apply. The number of mini pupillages we are able to offer each year is strictly limited as we have an extensive waiting list currently running at between 6 to 9 months.

Due to the volume of approaches we receive all applications must be sent electronically.

Cancellations of mini pupillages should be made as soon as possible.  Please be aware that mini pupillages will only be re-scheduled for good reasons. In the event that a mini pupillage is re-scheduled, please note that alternative dates will already have been allocated and so cancellation will necessitate a lengthy wait.